Housing [in]

My work on housing [in] justice grows from a deep engagement with housing movement struggles as a researcher and activist in the Barcelona metropolitan area (Barcelona and Sabadell) from 2012-2018, while I was a doctoral student (University of Manchester) and postdoctoral researcher (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). My writing has explored questions of housing financialisation, urban commons, political subjectivation and urban insurgency.


Non-Performing Loans, Non-Performing People: Life and Struggle with Mortgage Debt in Spain. University of Georgia Press, 2022.


2023, with Mara Ferreri. Radical Methodological Openness and Method as Politics: Reflections on Militant Research with Squatters in Catalonia. Antipode.

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2021, with Carla Rivera Blanco and Mara Ferreri. Vecinas ≠ neighbours: Language politics in the struggle for housing in Barcelona. Radical Housing Journal 3(2): 143-155 (Versión en castellano aquí)

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Book chapters

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