Public media

I strive to disseminate my work to non-academic audiences, to further both grassroots support and transformative policy-making.


Resisting the next wave of real estate speculation in Spain, October 2015

Collaborative translation of article by Gemma Garcia and Marc Font (La Directa) with Desiree Fields.

Los despojos del tsunami urbanizador.

El Diagonal, November 2014 

Resisting evictions Spanish style.

New Internationalist, April 2013.


Blog Posts

Collective reports

  • The Green Divide. 2021. A web documentary about the impact of greening and urban redevelopment on working class neighbourhoods in six European and North American cities. I helped develop material for Montreal, Canada. External Link.
  • Green Trajectories: Municipal policy trends and strategies for greening in Europe, Canada and the United States (1990-2016). 2018. I wrote several of the chapters in this report that examines the urban greening policy trajectories of 50 European and North American cities. External Link.
  • Political Ecology for Civil Society. 2016. I wrote the chapter titled Energy struggles: organising from the bottom up to combat energy poverty in Catalonia. External Link.
  • Breve informe y análisis crítico sobre el Foro de inversión en el mercado inmobiliario español. 2016. A report published by the Observatori DESC on the speculative trends and dynamics of the Spanish real estate sector, analysing the possible impacts on the right to housing in the Spanish state. External Link.